Featuring Light Concept Nail Resins.  Lcn is odor free, so there is no harsh smells that come with having your nails done.  Our products have no MMA'S which can be harmful to you and your nails.  We also feature Freehand Art Designs. 

There are endless options to consider when choosing a line of nail care products. But only the innovative approach and established reputation of LCN Light Cured Gel Nails provide the stunning, elegant results you seek.

Why choose LCN Light Cured Gel Nails?
LCN is the result of a technological breakthrough in cosmetic science. Designed as a non-acrylic alternative to conventional nail products, light cured resin has a smooth, honey-like consistency similar to gel. But its molecular structure, specially designed by German chemists and researchers, provides a stronger, longer-lasting nail treatment.

With LCN nails, users open themselves to a world of new benefits:

NO Harmful Ingredients LCN nail products are gentle and safe for continual use on natural nails.

NO Unpleasant Odors - Enjoy a more pleasant spa experience since there are no odors or toxins.

NO "Fake Nail Syndrome" - LCN nail treatments are non porous, so they will not yellow like other gels and acrylic nails. Used with or without nail polish, light cured products provide a gorgeous, natural look.

NO Breaking - The durability of light cured gel nails means LCN treatments are less prone to breaking, cracking and lifting. The LCN nail will actually protect the natural nail and promote nail growth.

NO Limits - Light cured resin can be sculpted or applied over tips. Plus, the wide variety in the LCN product line provides customizable options to meet any of your needs or desires .

There's NO question that LCN nail treatments are the finest available to both industry professionals and the individual consumer. You can expect a flawless, stunning manicure that stands out from the crowd.